Monday, November 11, 2013

A couple more outings

Riding around at a few more events, working on the issues of being a car substitute:

At the UU church Turkey Supper, November 2.  It wasn't that long ago (less than 100 years) that people would have gone to the church by walking or riding a horse, and leaving the horse at the stables next door.

At the Vermont Toxics Action conference, November 9, at Vermont Technical College. After several minutes of talking about the bike during the power hour session, we went outside and another 6 people took test rides, bringing the amount of test rides to over 60.  The rides were around the parking lots at VTC, and were 1.979 miles total.  They used 32.7 watt hours of energy, or 0.48 cent worth of grid electricity.  As usual the end result of a ride was a big smile, except for two students from the college who were thinking overtime....

I hope the weather holds, as riding the bakfiets is still very addictive even in the 20 degree range.  I guess that I could always put knobby snow tires on:
Photo by Vermont Mountain Bike Association, of a snow ride at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe last winter (2012/13).  The Bakfiets might need a slightly narrower tire to fit inside the frame, but then again I'm not planning on traveling on trails.

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