Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bicycle tire hydroplaning test from Mt Ascutney STAB

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since my last post, and I'm almost ready to write again.  In the meantime here is a short clip from my neighbors in the next town over.  The Mt Ascutney ski area has been closed for a year now, but people in town have been developing a good mountain bike singletrack network since 2007.  You can find more info about them at:
-Ascutney Trails, the webpage for information about the trails
-Sports Trails of Ascutney Basin (STAB) facebook page, the group that maintains the trails
-Vermont 50 mile mountain bike and ultra run race, a yearly race that benefits the Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports Foundation

Not all of us are into Solar Electric Cargo Bikes.  They posted a video from an Ontario shop doing some fat bike tire hydroplaning testing last month.   I should mention that a regular bike on the street can not hydroplane...


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